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The Importance of Rest, Relaxation and Fun Activities

In Pennsylvania and other local states there are many parks and recreational facilities to take advantage of to spend the day picnicking, playing sports, fishing, camping or playing at the playground and swimming.  There are endless opportunities to enjoy these community offerings beyond the summer season.  Go sledding, take a walk in the Spring, Fall or Winter whether rain, sun or snow.  Remember, safety comes first!

Many activities are free.  Be attentive to your community's websites for free Community Days events for the entire family.  Many parks offer free movie nights and presentations for all ages--check websites for a list of events.  Go to the movies on days theaters have low-cost movies and treats; have a movie night at home with blankets, pillows and popcorn. 

When finances are tight, think creatively about child play.  Make a tent out of blankets and participate in imaginative play with your children.  Tent in the back yard. 

Busy lives.......help yourself and the children in your life live with balanced rest, relaxation and activities so you do not become overwhelmed.  After all, we all need balance in the areas of work or education, home and life.

The important thing is to spend time healthfully engaged with children and/or the people in your life.  In doing so, you will feel better and you will teach children to have a healthy lifestyle.  Children will happily recall the time you spent with them.

Take care of yourself in big and small and important ways throughout the day.  For parents, ask for and allow others to help you, because parenting is hard work, indeed! 

How many times have you heard "We are bored!".  Here are ideas to keep those children busy and keep adults healthy at the same time.


Families come in all shapes and sizes.  Families come about in many different ways. 

Does your family need help with children or adolescents?  Does the child in your life have difficulty in school or at home?  Do you need help with preparation for or with marriage or remarriage, parenting, blended family issues, single parent issues, adult and couples issues, separation, divorce, aging, illness or caretaking issues?  Kim is specially trained in relational therapy and understands life issues, challenges and the importance of celebrations.

Does your family have unique circumstances associated with adoption, foster and kinship care?   Kim specializes in the area of adoption that includes foster and kinship care.

How is your family affected by substances use issues or a loved one with substances use issues?  Many people need the help and support of others to work through these issues.